Thursday, April 12, 2007

Return to 1960

The Harvey Schmidt/Tom Jones' musical "Fantasticks," premiered in 1960 New York City and it's back again at the Snapple Theatre located at 50th Street and Broadway in Manhattan.
It is the longest running play in history!
If you have never seen the "Fantasticks" you have never seen a musical at its finest. The music is some of the best and the story line is sweet .. you will not be sorry .
The Snapple Theatre is small and upstairs in this building and the players are right there in front of you..not up on stage. Its a wonderful venue for a play such as "Fantasticks" I loved it.. and the audience was blown away by the whole experience. (by the way, even if you see the understudies, you will be blown away..the entire cast is sensational!!!)
Get yourself to NYC to see it. Tell them Annie sent you.


Ben Hur won the Academy Award in 1960 and John F. Kennedy announced his run for the presidency.
A man named John Reynolds sets age of solar system at 4,950,000,000 years ! Imagine that? And don't you wonder how he arrived at that?
Egypt began building the Aswan Dam which was a controversial thing at the time due to the potential loss of many ancient objects.
Two colossal statutes were moved.. sliced with special saws to preserve them and they were then moved to a new location . Otherwise they would have been completely submerged. It was a giant feat at the time. National Geographic ran an entire series on the moving alone!
The Bathosphere reached the bottom of the Pacific Ocean at 10,500 m.

High-school basketball sensation Danny Heater scores 135 points in a game.

March 3, 1960 New York City had 14.5 inches of snow!!! Amazing for that time of year.

You know, when you look back over history its amazing all that happened. Placing it inside a *year* somehow crystalizes it for me. I don't know if its the same for you. I would be curious to know , though.

500 people died in Southern Persia that year from a massive earthquake.

Payola rocked the music and radio industries and a House Investigative committee was formed to look into it.

On May 6 President Eisenhower signed the Civil Rights Act and America was at the beginning of a new era.

History is in the making even right now.....Looking back puts that into perspective. Well, maybe.


  1. and the payola investigations continue so nothing has changed

    it's one good reason you can hardly hear anything good on the radio

    had no idea it was a theater though, been by there many times, though it was just snapple ads

  2. The theatre is upstairs and accessed on the side of the building. It has elevator service.
    Its cozy, nice, clean and they put on one heck of a good show.