Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Annie's Sloppy Joes Recipe

How about Annie's Famous Sloppy Joe Recipe?
I am willing to part with it ... its simple, fast, easy, sloppy as can be and delicious!

You will need a pound of lean ground beef,
a medium onion, well chopped
a stalk or two of celery, chopped
a can of condensed tomato soup
and some cooked rice if you have any leftover.

Saute the celery to soften it a bit, then the onion, then add the meat and cook crumbling it up finely as you go.
When the meat is browned, add your can of tomato soup and heat through.
If you have some left over rice, add that too.
Spoon over warmed hamburger buns and top with sliced tomato , pickle or raw onion if you like.
For a Mexican flavor, you can add some chili powder to taste when you add the tomato soup!
If you are into Italian style, add some sauted sweet red pepper slices or green peppers too and more onion.
You might like to add some hot sauce if you are adventurous!
Saute some mushrooms or some fried pototoes for a satisfying meal...Yup, put them right into the sandwich. The sloppier the better.
It makes a hot , hearty and quick dinner and kids will love it !

If you like Sloppy Joe foods, you might like this sandwich for a nice lunch:

Its the Turkey Joe!
You will need some delicious sliced turkey meat,
Some Challah or thick bread is best and you need 3 slices!
Some sliced tomato , some cole slaw and some Russian or Thousand Island dressing.
Layer the meat, tomatoes and cole slaw between the 3 layers of bread adding a bit of the dressing on top of each layer as you go.
Slice into sections to eat more easily and serve with a big kosher dill pickle on the side.
This combo is also good on a submarine roll piled thickly with the turkey meat!

Bon appetite!


  1. Tried the sloppy joe and it was great.

  2. Delicious! thanks

  3. You are very welcome.
    We like it ourselves!!

  4. I'm drooling!!! I've got to try it!

  5. can I get my sloppy joe slightly neat?

  6. Tried it last night was really good.
    Are you going to keep putting recipes on here?