Thursday, January 11, 2007

For a Special Customer: Happy Birthday

Recalling A Special Year: 1960

Top 10 Hits of the 60's:
Hey Jude, The Beatles
1968 Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1 (9 weeks)
2 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, The Rolling Stones
Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1 (4 weeks)
3 Light My Fire, The Doors
1967 Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1 (3 weeks)
4 Good Vibrations, The Beach Boys
1966 Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1 (1 week)
5 Yesterday, The Beatles
1965 Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1 (4 weeks)
6 The Twist, Chubby Checker
1960 Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1 (1 week)
7 I Want To Hold Your Hand, The Beatles
1964 Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1 (7 weeks)
8 The House Of The Rising Sun, The Animals
1964 Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1 (3 weeks)
9 The Sounds Of Silence, Simon & Garfunkel
1966 Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1 (2 weeks)
10 Suspicious Minds, Elvis Presley
1969 Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1 (1 week)

Top Headlines of 1960:

Capt. Gary Powers U-2 Spy Plane Shot Down Over Russia

Israelis Kidnap Adolf Eichman from Argentina to Jerusalem

Khrushchev at U.N . Pounds Shoe In Anger.

John F. Kennedy Wins Democratic Nomination, Nixon wins GOP

Kennedy Wins Presidency, Democrats Sweep Congress

Two White Public Schools in New Orleans Are The First To Integrate.

House Committee Looks Into "Payola" American Bandstand DJ Dick Clark Involved

Alan Freedman Eight Arrested In Taking Radio Payola
Soldiers stop riots at Newport Jazz Festival

Enovil 10, first contraceptive pill sold for .50 cents each.

Two airliners collide over Staten Island, 134 die.

Howdy Doody show ends after 13 years

Negro Sit-ins Integrate Lunch Counter In Greensboro North Carolina

Floyd Patterson is first fighter to regain title by beating Ingemar Johanson

Castro Nationalizes all American property.

Dolce vita, La
The Alamo
G.I. Blues
Butterfield 8
Elmer Gantry
Inherit the Wind
Never on Sunday
The Apartment
Books of 1960
Advise and Consent - Allen Drury
Hawaii - James Michener
The Leopard - Giuseppe Di Lampedusa
The Chapman Report - Irving Wallace
Ourselves to Know - John O'Hara
The Constant Image - Marcia Davenport
Sermons and Soda-Water - John O'Hara

It is the year of:
Advise and Consent by Allen Drury is a best seller

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer is another best seller

Harper Lee wins a Pulitzer Prize for To Kill a Mockingbird

Nick Holonayk invents the digital display for the pocket calculator and electronic watches

Eco One is launched, the worlds first communication satellite

The worlds first weather satellite, Tiros is launched

Pete Rozell becomes NFL commissioner

Rafer Johnson wins gold in the decathlon

Cassius Clay wins Olympic gold in boxing

Mrs. Kennedy becomes the fashion to follow

Women's "knickers" are in

Men's sports coats are plaids, bold prints, strips and checks

Berry Gordy borrows $800 and starts Motown Records

Estimated 850,000 "war babies" enter college, overcrowding dorms

JF. Kennedy Jr. is born on Nov. 25 , by Cesarean delivery

Fads, talkathons, folk singing in coffee houses

Deiz Arnaz and Lucille Ball file for divorce

New York court rules "Lady Chaterleys Lover " is not obscene

Earnest Evans changes his name to Chubby Checker

New words, Anchorman, sit-in, cosmonaut, bluegrass, laser, compact car

First appearances: Astroturf, Librium, felt-tip pen, Rayon, OPEC meeting