Sunday, January 07, 2007

Formula For Coca Cola... Oh What Fun

Oh, how we love Coca Cola!

Refreshing, delicious and great for healing migraine headaches. If you haven't become a fan, may I suggest you think this over seriously?

Formula for Coca Cola:

Ingredients1 oz. Citrate Caffein 3 oz. Citric Acid 1 oz. Ext. Vanilla 1 Qt. Lime Juice 2 1/2 oz. Flavoring 30 lbs. Sugar 4 oz. F.E. Coco Caramel sufficient 2 1/2 gal. Water Flavoring80 Oil Orange 40 Oil Cinnamon 120 Oil Lemon 20 Oil Coriander 40 Oil Nutmeg 40 Oil Neroli 1 Qt. Alcohol

DirectionsMix Caffeine Acid and Lime Juice 1 Qt. Boiling water add vanilla and flavoring when cool. Let stand for 24 hours.

Some Notes on Preparing The Coca-Cola FormulaIt takes 1 oz. of syrup mixed with carbonated water to make a 6.5 oz. serving of Coca-Cola. "F.E. Coco" means fluid extract of coca (the plant that produces cocaine), however the recipe does not go into details as to how this extract was prepared.

Another old Coca-Cola formula in the possession of Frank Robinson's great-grandson1, indicates that 10 pounds of coca leaf are required to flavor 36 gallons of syrup. It is also believed that the coca plant with lower cocaine levels was used to produce the extract. This is based on some of Pemberton's writings that indicate some coca plants were too bitter (that was because of cocaine).

The cola in Coca-Cola comes from the kola nut, yet kola nuts are not mentioned in the above Coca-Cola formula. This was because the reason for using kola nuts was for their caffeine content, and Pemberton almost positively bought his "Citrate Caffein" from a company that derived their caffeine from kola nuts. (Pemberton had previously praised the German firm Merck of producing a superior form of the stimulant from kola nuts)


  1. I love this site!!!!
    And I love the coke formula. Way cool. Thanks

  2. Now I can make some in the tub at home. Thanks

  3. :) is this the present formula? Supposedly one of the only people who knows the present formula is a rabbi from Israel who needed to obtain it for kosher certification purposes, but I think it has been made public.

  4. I don't know if its the present one.
    Something has changed about the formula a bit though.
    And coke tastes best in the tiny glass bottles !! Anyone else ever notice that?

  5. I have not had (Diet) Coke in a glass bottle since I left Russia (and yes it was a little better, which is not saying much). Where do you get Coke in glass bottles in the US? At restaurants?

  6. In the grocers! I dont drink the diet form, just regular and its in bottles.