Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Coca Cola Beef Dinner.. Mmmm, Good!

Here is a meal you should try at least once in your life if you enjoy eating good food.

You will need a good cut of Roast Beef, it is your call as to which kind you prefer.
One nice roasting pan to accomodate it....
A package of kosher dry onion soup mix , and a can of Original Recipe Coca Cola.
If you can get the kosher for passover kind..so much the better as it is the REAL Original recipe made with real cane sugar and not fructose syrup.

Now place the roast in the pan, sprinkle the pack of onion mix over the top and pour the Coca Cola over it all.

Roast at about 300° F for 3 hours or so.. well until done. You can use a meat thermometer if you like.
Beef is well done when the juice runs out clear if you press down with a fork a bit. Less done if still a bit pink and if its red.. well it will Moo.

I think you will like this beef recipe served with mashed potatoes and lovely asparagus served as we do here in the cafe , over a nice pureed onion sauce.

To make the sauce for the asparagus, simply cook down a super large sweet onion , a clove of garlic , add a sprinkle of kosher salt and put in some pareve margarine if you are Jewish, butter if you are not.. you can lay on the butter thickly too. Cook gently.
When the mixture is mushy, you can whip it into a puree to serve over or under the asparagus as a base. Season to taste as you like.

Remember to not overcook your potatoes before you mash them. Nothing worse than that.
Mayonnaise in place of milk or any nice creamy salad dressing you enjoy make very tasty mashed potatoes.


  1. I'll take anything with coca cola on it and everything tastes better with coca cola on it!