Monday, May 16, 2016

Emigrant Stew

As people began to emigrate westward, they took family staple recipes and adapted them to life on the trail in a covered wagon.

They brought along salt pork and bacon for the trip. Salted fish if they had it . Pickles for vitamin C, plenty of coffee, some tea and makings for flour biscuits.

One recipe was made with hunted meat,usually buffalo or deer but you can use beef.
Beef was not found on the pioneer trail menu.
 But once they settled down and cattle flourished, this recipe was adapted for beef.

Try buffalo though. It is good for you. Low in cholesterol and fat.

Emigrant Stew
Cubed beef, about 3 lbs.
Chopped onion 1 cup
1 cup chopped turnip
2 cups of canned tomatoes. Include the juice
Potatoes, peeled or not as you prefer. 4 to 5 medium sized
2 cups chopped up celery
Lots of chopped carrot.. as much as you like
couple of garlic cloves

4 cups of water or beef broth
pepper, salt to taste
1 tsp of Coleman's English mustard.
Dredge meat in 2 T. of flour.
Brown in a pan with a T of olive or shortening and add to Dutch oven or crock pot.
Add rest of ingredient and cook 4 to 6 hours in crock pot or 2 hours on low in Dutch oven.

If you like things spicier, you can add a bit of ketchup and worchestershire sauce to the mix. Be careful and taste as you go!