Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dinner is Served

It is easy to make a quick dinner from just a bit.
Saute one medium sized onion in some oil olive. When it is well on its way to being transparent, add some garlic chopped fine , some oregano and a couple of leaves of fresh basil if you have it.
Cook just a minute or so over a medium flame.

Now open and add one or two cans of crushed tomatoes to the mixture and grate in one carrot for extra flavor.
You can add a large teaspoon or so of brown sugar if you find it too sharp tasting.
Simmer for about half and hour on low heat til the flavors mix nicely.
Cook up some left over pasta varities.. whatever you have. Boil according to package directions.
Serve the hot sauce over the spaghetti and if you like add a bit of grated cheese. This makes a fast, simple, cheap but nourishing meal when you are in a hurry. Serve with a side salad and some crusty bread.


  1. looks delicious and hearty, perfect for a cold rainy day like this

  2. Why do I come here? I know my tummy's going to growl (and I'm not kidding), I'm going to drool and gain weight staring at the pics. sigh...I'm hungry. Off to the kitchen for a bagel.