Monday, September 17, 2007

Pineapple Vinegar/How to Grow your Own Plant too

Real Pineapple vinegar is found only in Mexico sadly because it's one of the best vinegars in the world.

Del Monte uses it in their ketchup which is why , if you do a taste test, you will find that Del Monte Vinegar is the best tasting ketchup in the world... Bar None!! No, I don't work for Del Monte, but I do love good ketchup and I have run several taste tests for people and everyone agrees each time, Del Monte Ketchup is the best.

This recipe is for a pineapple flavored vinegar rather than one made from pineapples, but, its nice none the less.

You are going to need
a cup of cut fresh pineapple( you can leave the
cleaned outside peel on too)
Sugar , make sure you use castor sugar or
fine refined sugar, the

kind made for iced tea, etc. Jack Frost
makes a nice one.

Use 3 cups of a good Rice wine vinegar (because
it is very mild)

Or use a very mild white vinegar if you can find

Start by putting your pineapple in a sterile glass jar or bottle.
Now add
some sugar to taste, but only if you think it needs it . Pour the
vinegar over
the pineapple . Store it covered in a dark place for 6 to 14
days. You can make
sure at 6 days if its strong like you wish it , or let it
go longer for more
Then you can filter it through a paper coffee
filter or cheese cloth and
refrigerate .

Its nice with salads believe me.

Instructions for how to grow your own pineapple plant indoors.


  1. Been looking for a way to do the pineapple plant.
    Put up some vinegar as soon as I found this & will let you know how it comes out for me.

  2. Oh nice. You know I made some today and already its smelling good. I cannot wait to taste.
    The blog is so nice Schatzi!

  3. I remember years ago when Del Monte ketchup did contain pineapple vinegar, just like Jif peanut butter used to contain honey. High fructose corn syrup is cheap, and so is white vinegar; besides, Del Monte lost it's striving for high quality even before the 70's came around!

    As for how to seed the vinegar, white vinegar is usually (if not always) distilled, so it's not going to contain the necessary bacteria. You may have just been lucky to get a palatable vinegar and not something rank or even toxic.

  4. Del Monte no longer uses Pineapple vineger. Just tastes like every other catsup now.

  5. Yes you are correct sadly. But Del Monte still is the best tasting Ketchup I think though the new Balsamic vinegars are pretty doggone good.