Tuesday, July 18, 2006


1959 ......were you around when....

President Dwight D Eisenhauer and his vice pres. Richard Nixon are in office.

Nikita Krushchev tours the US.

Barbie doll made her debut! she was a smash hit too.

The new institution of the supermarket now accounted for 69% of all food purchased. Small grocers took a hit here.

Four Seasons Restaurant in NYC opened in the Seagram Building.

Iran and US become friendly and sign treaty for economics.
Israel signs deal to sell arms to West Germany.

There are now 3,287 AM radio stations across the nation.

Lady Chatterleys Lover banned by the US postal system!!

Switzerland votes down the vote for Women yet again.... and its 1959!!!

Fidel Castro makes his debut in Cuba.

The Guggenheim opens in NYC

On TV you can now watch BONANZA or the TWILIGHT ZONE, 2 brand new shows.

The microchip is invented.

Average American pay is $91.00 per week. But homes were affordable and so was food and utilities.

Last Civil War Vet dies.. Walter Williams of the Confederacy.

Alaska and Hawaii become states.

Opening of the St Lawrence Seaway .

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