Thursday, November 08, 2007

Salsa Meat Dip ..Reuben Appetizers

Most people love Mexican food. It is spicy and the flavors are interesting. If you are having a get together or event, this is a wonderfully easy dip you can make for tortilla chips, cracker, or as a spread on bread. You can make it as spicy as you wish depending on the level of hotness of the salsa you decide to use.
Also, served over a bed of rice or potatoes, or over salad or in a warm tortilla wrap, this salsa meat dish makes a great main dish.

Crumble and brown a pound of ground beef . Add some cumin to it , you decide how much and stir well. Next, stir in some mild, medium or hot salsa as you much? Well, just enough to moisten the mixture and give flavor. You don't want this soupy, but you do want the tomato and peppers to show and add to the mix.
If you can't find a salsa you like, you can make your own quickly by adding a can of chopped tomatoes, a can of mild chilies, some diced onion and some diced green or red sweet peppers. Cook this through in the meat. Season with ready made taco spice or with cumin or chili powder.
Of course adding from a jar of ready made salsa is the simplest way.
Place the meat mixture in a serving bowl and top with dollops of pareve sour cream, and some chopped up green or red onion and maybe come chopped tomato. Place on a large platter and surround with chips, crispy bread wedges, crackers or whatever you prefer.

If you want to make a meal of it, serve it over salad greens and surround with crackers or tortilla chips. Or, serve over rice for a hot hearty meal.

Reuben Appetizer

These are wonderful for guests and family.
Use good Rye bread. Put a good coating of Thousand Island Or creamy Russian dressing on each slice of bread. Top with slices of lean corned beef and rinsed, drained and heated saurkraut. Make them as small or as large as you wish.
Serve! They will disappear quickly!


  1. I made the Reubens last night for dinner and my kids loved them.
    Your recipes are great.

  2. A jar of salsa is nice, but nothing beats homemade. :] I drool.

  3. is it just me or does that chef make drinking and driving look good?